Our Story

MCS has been at your service for 14 years!

In the Netherlands we always say 'Mother Nature'! That's how we always know that "Ladies First"! We Love Nature, Flowers and We love Women and Baby Fashion products that are made of 'Natural Material'! This is how our Webshop 'MCS MegaStore' is created for 'You Are So Beautiful Gifts'! And for 'SHOP THE BEST DAILY DEALS'! 

We want to sell as many natural products as possible to our customers! Our goal to give our "Mother Nature" the best Gifts and to make people happy with Beautiful, High Quality and Inexpensive natural products! Are You Happy? 

14 years experience! Our company Mega Computer Services (MCS) has been around since 2005 serving customers in Europe, UK and USA and is located in The Netherlands - Lisse, near 'Keukenhof’' (The Flower Exhibition)! You are always welcome in Holland!